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Cystitis, the Cat and the Litter Tray - A 60 second guide to Cystitis in Cats

By Kirstie Gregory, Jan 21 2017 12:20PM

As an experienced Cat Sitter I know to always pay particular attention to the litter tray when I'm cat sitting! It can communicate a number of potential health issues.

Is the litter tray being visited more frequently but there is little or no urine? Does any urine that is present contain blood? Is the normally house trained Cat just peeing around the house instead? It could be a sign of Cystitis.

Cystits is an inflammation of the bladder causing increased frequency in the urge to urinate and pain whilst urinating. In elderly cats or cats with chronic problems such as kidney disease it could be caused by infection. More commonly it is caused by stress. It can be more severe in male cats than females, this is because in male cats crystals may form or blod clots causing a blockage in the urethra and the bladder being completely unable to be emptied. This can be life threatening so if your male cat is visiting the litter tray but no urine is produced an emergency appointment should be made immediately.

In all cases you should call / make an appointment with your vet ASAP.

Once a cat has had cystitis there is a high chance of them having it again. However, there are ways that you can reduce the frequency of reoccurences. As it can usually be caused by stress , stress prevention measures are often advised. A change in diet to more wet food or a prescription urinary health food may be advised by your vet.

It's not quite as nice as cat cuddles but as a Cat Sitter observing the litter tray for anything unusual or out of the norm is an important part of the job in keeping an eye on a cat's health.

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